TAEKWONDO (read TE’KUONDO’) TAE =jump KWON = punch DO = art. Art of fighting with punch and flying kicks.

Establish a precise date on the birth of TKD is surely difficult. From the findings obtained climb around the 1st century BC in Korea when the country was divided into three kingdoms: Silla – Baek JeKoguryo.
In the kingdom of Silla, the smallest and continually threatened by the other two, is a youth organization founded Hwa Rang Do, composed by young people of high rank, whose purpose was to prepare to become future leaders of the kingdom. Among the tasks that had to devote a special attention was devoted to the study of martial arts coded under the name Tae Kyong.
Through teaching techniques was simultaneously broadcast a spiritual training of behavior that educate practitioners all’obbedienzae unconditional loyalty to their superiors and to the country, creating a true martial code of honor.
From this caste of warriors has the lineage one of the most important people in Korea, General Kim Yushin that, in 668 AD united the three kingdoms on the principles of moral-Taek Kyon.
In 935 AD with the advent of the Koryo dynasty, martial art-Taek Kyon was further improved by taking the name of Subak. To have a complete manuscript depicting the first and fundamental techniques of the martial art, we must go back to the Yi dynasty in 1397 AD
Invasions Japanese Korean territory that followed in subsequent periods, led to significant changes in original art, the influences of other martial arts created the emergence of different styles until 1955, when it was decided to put all the styles practiced in a only discipline of TAE KWON DO.
The development of this discipline to the outside of Korea, was born in this period. Stage of the famous civil war that divided the nation on the one hand that North Korea closed its borders to the world, second to South Korea on the contrary, opened to the West. Some of the best teachers of discipline left to countries outside the continent with the clear intention to disclose the TKD worldwide.
In 1973 the South Korean government officially recognizes the first World Taekwondo organization based in Seoul, the WTF WORLD TAEKWONDO FEDERATION, modern TKD was born and is played the first sporting event of the fledgling discipline on 1 World Championship fight.
After this event, followed by several important milestones for the recognition of the sport worldwide, from participation in two Olympics (Seoul 88 – Barcelona 1992) as a demonstration sport until the final seal of actual Olympic sport (Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004)

IN ITALY brief history:
Rome, 1965, a distinguished gentleman named Korean PARK JAE SUN presents a demonstration of Taekwondo playing with forms, kicking techniques in flight, broken boards and bricks, leaving gaping those who had been lucky enough to attend.
TKD was born in Italy.
The Master opens the first and historic gym in a basement, the legendary Caesar Rasponi.
Following Maestro Park from Korea called his two brothers: Maestro Park Young Ghil who will dearly the spread of TKD to the south with the center of Naples, Maestro Ung Chun Park which is entrusted, four years later, northern Italy in Bologna.
From 1965 to 1975 the TKD practiced in Italy under the guidance of Maestro Park, is the ITF (International TKD Federation) of Gen. Choi Hong Hi
In 1975 there is a change of the whole movement to the WTF (World TKD Federation).
Formed by FITKD (first federazioneitaliana TKD), we proceed to FIKDA “1980” (the Italian federation karate and related disciplines) to begin to take its first steps towards an official recognition by the CONI.
In 1982 the federation changed its name to FIKTEDA (Italian federation karate – taekwondo and associated disciplines) to the 1983 years in which the Maestro PARK JAE SUN became president of the federation.
The cohabitation between the sectors that make up the new federation is short and in 1985 was founded the FITAK (Italian federation taekwondo and karate) which remain attached part of the society of Karate.
You must wait until 1995 for final approval of the FITA as TAEKWONDO FEDERATION ITALIAN recognized by CONI.

In Emilia Romagna:
1969, Castel San Pietro, near Bologna, in a small gym is different artimarziali practice and the teacher, reads a magazine of a new and spectacular discipline much appreciated by lovers of Korean industry, which is spreading in central southern Italy.
And ‘the spark that starts the birth of TAEKWONDO in Emilia.
Begin contacts with the gym Rasponi Caesar in Rome where he teaches Maestro Sun Jae Park, which allows the opening of TKD courses in Bologna.
1970, the gym moved to St. Lazarus on the outskirts of Bologna, Bologna, creating the first Taekwondo Center.
The center is growing in numbers, unfortunately, is so far from Rome, and to be able to broaden the movement should be a charismatic figure on the site.
1972, important impetus for the quality of TKD in Emilia, he moved from Rome to Bologna, one of three brothers Park, Maestro Ung Chun.
The Master’s presence will be crucial: in the short term (three years), which will remain in Bologna will form the most important figures for the dissemination of TKD in the region.
Between 1975 and 1980 open centers of Medicine; Budrio, Spartacus (BO).
The bases are constructed from these three centers will spread the TKD that is still in the area.

Taekwondo comes to the gym Regis Via Orlandi, 3 in Bologna in 1994 on concern that owns the center, Barbi Moreno, who knew and knew we were looking for a new place, he asked me to pass the courses at his gym .
The history does have roots far more distant in time.
Must go back to 1981, when I opened the TKD courses in one of Bologna’s historic center gym Arch Spartacus by Giambologna.
At that time we stayed for 10 years until 1991 and then moved into a private gym in building the new “Les Arts Club in Via Rainaldi.
The stay at that meeting was brief, the company closed and then moved to block the entire company at the center from which Regis costituii current REGIS BOLOGNA TKD club.

Maestro Vignudini Moreno

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